Including a powerful guide for serious beginners

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Before jumping into a career in Data Science, it’s best to look at the market from a different lens

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A Compiled List of Essential Math topics to supercharge your journey into AI

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A Python library that changes your approach towards Machine Vision

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The Swiss Army Knife of Programming Languages has its problems and may be replaced by other languages better suited for the task

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What made Python so popular?

And how to have a whale of a good time with it

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A hackable cheatsheet to get you up and running with SQL

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What is SQL?

A step-by-step implementation of a Dogs vs Cats classifier in Keras

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7 Tricks and Tips to go from 50% to 90% accuracy in literally minutes!

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1. Get More Data

Included: 5 Steps to building ANY Deep Learning Model!

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Jason Dsouza

I write libraries and sometimes blog about them | Top Writer | Creator of Caer, the Vision library for Python

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